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Elementers Collection

House of the Sun, choose from a collection of different and unique Elementers. A Collectables collection, with each Elementers representing each of the four Elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

The collection will be available on Opensea. Link to the collection:

Link here


Fire Elementers, with fire is their element. Their animals are Scorpions, Serpents, Phoenix, Lions, Cats, Crows, Horses, Rams, Dragon flies and Fireflies. Their Sacred number is Three (3), Two (2) and Four (4). Their color is red, yellow, black and gray.


Water Elemanters

Water Elementers, water is their element and blue, white, violet, and purple their color. Their animal are the crap, fish, dolphin, whale, sea horse and jellyfish. Their Sacred number is Four (4) and Fife (5). 


Earth Elemanters

Earth Elementers, Earth is their element and green, white, black, yellow and pink their color. Their animal are Deer's, Horses and Rabbits. Their Sacred number is Seven (7).


Air Elemanters

Air Elementers, Air is their element. White, light blue, violet, purple and yellow is their color.